Friday, January 31, 2014


Friday, December 27th 2013.
1810. 210, Malacca.


Its been a while, since my last post.
Hahaha, I always start my posts with ' its been a while'. Cause its true. I didnt have time to update my blog. Bukan tak nak, cuma masa diisi dengan benda lain. But sometimes, when I do have time, my mind goes boooomm.. blank. Even tho theres many things past by my breath. Ewah. So..

I 'met' a book. A novel to be exact. Which tickles my heart. My mind.
And makes me ponder...

13 Jam A380.
The title. By Evelyn Rose.

I like it. And actually, I love it.
Idk, some of my fellas said the novel is quite boring. But for me, not. Not really.
I like.. what she tries to remind. To share with. Its really.. tickling. Sentap.

The reminders in the novel, suites my feeling.. which searching for 'alarm'.

Theres a weird feeling in me.
This feeling is quite... idk.. like.. will be part of me...
Im going to share what's inside me..

Alhamdulillah, Im grateful.
Im grateful, Ive been in this world, born as a Muslim. So grateful. Really grateful.
Im able to see, to look at this world by the view of a muslim's eyes.
So beautiful.
To breath in this world with believing in One God. The One and Only God, The Most Gracious.
So glad.

Qada' and Qadr. - dh biasa dengar kan?
But by the time, the hard times hit us..
That time when we feel despair, miserable, upset and maybe loose hope..
The time when hard for us to be in.. Hard for us to accept..
Qada' and Qadr. - we may forget abt this. Nauzubillah.

But most of ppl always questioned Qada' and Qadr only in hard times..
Qada' and Qadr. Fate. Ketetapan dan ketentuan.
It isnt just abt the sadness and sorrowness and ect.
Allah bukannya tetapkan dan tentukan yang sedih, yang buruk je untuk kita. He arranges our life.
The happiness, His arrangement. The suceed. His arrangement.
He arranges everything. Everything.
Everything happens by His' wills.

Allah gives us choices. We did and do everything by choosing choices.
Do you guys agree with me... ?

I believe His' plans for me. The fate that He do for me. For my life. He loves me. And us. He knows best.
I believe. And I pray I'll. We'll. Always, forever.

I admit, at certain point, its hard.
And I onced questioned myself.. Aku nak buat benda baik ni, kenapa la Allah bg aku rasa malas, susah blablabla..?

To make us stronger.
To turn us to a better servant. By pondering. Dia suruh kita guna akal yang Dia bagi. To make us figure out ourself.
Ala, macam No Pain, No Gain. Macam Man Jadda Wa Jada. Semua atas usaha. Siapa yang nak dapat Hidayah, bukan boleh goyang kaki je. Kan? Seek for it.

Ya Allah, takutnya.
If I'll go to the wrong path. Nauzubillah. Guide me, Allah.

So, those are just my sharing. From what I get from the novel.
Believe in Him. Beriman kepada Allah. Bukan dari lisan je. Hati dan amal.
If Im wrong anywhere, tell me. Im still a searcher, anyway. Did and do wrongs.

Thank You Evelyn Rose. Thank You Allah, for sending her to wake me up.
I Love You.