Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Re born

In The Name Of Allah,
The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.

Peace Be Upon You.

*take a deep breath*
Idk how to start this new post. I mean, this is the old blog, still, vespalajuu but-- you know i havent update this blog for years! As you can see the last post was on 2011 which is two years ago, yep, two years ago. Well, not because i dont want to but you know i have no time! (ceh, main game tgk running man boleh pulak) Idk how to start. How how how. Hehe act, ada ja nak share but idk how to start! I dont know lagi. Theres too much things i want to express, to share with my readers (well macam ada sangat) but what i always post on my blog is what i wanna express, my feelings, what i feel and maybe what i dream of. Not to impress so dont give high expectations on my writing or story. But insyaAllah, what im gonna post today and onwards are all truth and come from the bottom of my heart and yep i always like oftenly always hyperballs and im sorry if my grammar is upside down. Well, learn from mistakes, practise makes perfect (ceh padahal mmg malay poyo speaking omputeh hehe)

I really want to talk (you hear me talkin aite?) more but i really have to go. I have something to do. So.. stay tuned perhaps? Hehe it would be fun if my blog have some readers. But i dont really mind actually. So.. see ya again insyaAllah. I will update this baby (blog) more often  yeay say yeay now. 

Uh-oh btw, Happy Eidul-Fitr everyone and have a blast! and may us be blessed.