Saturday, August 17, 2013



Mulakan membaca entri ini dengan senyuman, please eventho youre going tough (ceh suruh org senang yu bukan in their shoes pun) ehe. Well, Alhamdulillah, im in a good mood. Oh and yes, its already 10th Syawal. Is it too late to wish Happy Eid-ul Fitr to my lovely readers (if i have one)? hehe Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri tulus dari diriku.

Actually, i dont really sure what topic should i share with you guys tonite as i have zillions of em. Hmm macamana ni? Em lets talk about.. hari raya lah? Is that fine?

So this year hari raya i celebrate with my parents, chah (my second sis), ayih (my last eld bro), abang (my eldest bro) and his wife + two sons and my cats, tot and comel wihihi. So this year raya is just same as past years', we just have raya at ipoh. So everything went well blablablaa eat rendang lemang blablabla so nothing's really exciting actually just when there's a difference this year which is...

So last Tuesday, i went to two diff openhouses of my fellas. Hehe, i guess its very rare to see me at any openhouses, bukan tak nak attend, tapi ada hal or what not. So, the first house was Mar's. Alya, Diyan, Aishah (my sarjana-mates), and Farah and Izany (my sarjana-mates too but we have thing in common which is we get ex infront of sarjana lalala) were there too! I am kaget! Who doesnt? They came all the way from sungai buloh! What a whoa i didnt expect them to be there! So we ate blablablabla and we went to next house. Mar's mummy sent us there. There were a bit dup dap deep in our chest (it was just me but i believe them too-i guess? hehe) because um yknow my guy-sarjana-mates were there too! Oh my oh my im so nervous yela its been years (hyperball) i didnt meet them and besides, im more fa.. i mean now, my weight, increases um you know what i mean. um so..

We went to asiah's! Yeay. I met my sarjana-mates oh everything are so goooood. I mean, i missed them a lot like miss to be surround with my mates like old days oh god that day smells so good. I cant describe my feeling but yknow-- meeting old friends like brings you all the way back to those nice memory lane wohoo (why am i talking like an old granny). So we, girls were 21 and plus guys, 20 wohoo thats pretty ramai for raya open house! Hahaha we were shocked! We were! hahaha why on earth those guys came in a huge bunch?? We didnt expect that they'll whoa haha they were crayzayy i must admit that haha but what i can say is i prefer them wayy than my current boys-schoolmates (cause they're so ugh). So i guess i got nothing else to share. So.. thank you so much for wasting your time reading all my craps teheee im so touched (ahaks :3) So see ya again! Toodles!

Uh Oh..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri // from us :)
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